Why Purchase the New Ford F-59 Step Van P1000 with a Morgan Olson Body?

The new Ford F-59 step van P1000 offers everything you need in a delivery truck at an affordable price - customized for contractors contracted to deliver for FedEx and FedEx Ground. The P1000 is powered by a gas engine which yields significant cost savings as compared to diesel equipped package trucks and is built with a Morgan Olson body. The Ford F-59 is the preferred commercial step van for all types of parcel delivery, other delivery companies, police & fire departments, vendors, landscapers, and many more.
Every aspect of the new Ford package delivery truck at Dick Smith is designed to provide outstanding efficiency performance, versatility, safety, and comfort. The amount of time it takes to load, and unload packages or equipment is considerably reduced compared to other traditional delivery trucks. The capability to enter and exit the step van on the passenger side eliminates driver's exposure to traffic and decreases stop time. Based on the increased efficiency afforded by the vehicle design, a package delivery contractor could deliver about 10 more packages per day and over a year could save the cost of an additional vehicle and driver.

New Ford F-59 Step Van P1000 Detailed Specifications

  • WB: 178
  • LENGTH: 18’
  • BODY SIZE/CU FT: 17'& 7"-18'& 3"/972-992 CU FT
  • GVWR: 19500
  • TIRE SIZE: 225/70RX19.5

image of morgan olson ford f59 p1000 driver's seat and compartment image of morgan olson ford f59 p1000 shelving area optional configuration

We carry one of the most versatile delivery vehicles ever seen. A Morgan Olson step van features one of the most efficiently designed cargo and driver areas on the road. From its enduring aluminum construction to its top-quality driver ergonomics and comfort, the Morgan Olson leads the way for the commercial delivery truck industry.

New Ford F-59 Step Van P1000 Key Features

  • Optional A/C
  • Backup safety camera w/monitor
  • AM/FM radio with weather band
  • High back driver seat
  • Roadside, curbside and rear grab handles
  • Aluminum bulkhead w/center sliding door that locks
  • 2 rows of full-length fixed shelving per side.
  • Fan defroster and cab
  • Safety tread on cab steps
  • Fire Extinguisher, Flare/ Reflector Kit, First Aid Kit
  • Cargo dome lighting

image of morgan olson ford f59 p1000  shelving area image of morgan olson ford f59 p1000  walk-in door

Important Ford F-59 Step Van P1000 Efficiency, Time, and Cost Savings Summary

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency with a 6.8L Gas Engine
  • The Graduated Rear Step Entry Speeds Loading Time
  • Driver Seat Designed to Minimize Driver Effort to Sit and Stand
  • LED Lighting Makes Finding Packages Faster and Easier
  • Driver Direct Entry into Package Compartment Speeds Access To Packages
  • Curb Side Door Provides a Safer and More Direct Path for Delivery

image of an ad for dick smith morgan olson ford f59 p1000

Your business will see an increase in efficient deliveries while reducing your operating cost with our New Ford F-59 P1000 at Dick Smith. Have the confidence knowing your delivery trucks will be on the road completing deliveries safely and on time!
We Deliver Anywhere in the Southeast and Financing is Available.

We Deliver Anywhere in the Southeast and Financing is Available.

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